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International Chapters

AWG international members come from many countries including Australia, Canada, Colombia, Egypt, England, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Russia, United Arab Emirates, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. We currently have five international chapters and are looking forward to developing many more! Any questions regarding AWG international membership can be directed to the International delegates at international-del@awg.org
AWG is striving to build our International membership. We have recently revised the dues structure for International members residing in a country that has an economy classified other than "high income" beginning with our 2012 memberships. The annual dues for AWG International members who live in countries that are classified as "other than high-income" by the World Bank are now $10/professional and $5/student. 
AWG also offers several benefits for our international members, such as the Sand and Takken Travel Awards, the Chrysalis Endowment, the Outstanding Educator Award, and the Professional Excellence Awards. Members will also receive the bimonthly Gaea newsletter and the AWG Email-news. Please read our welcome letter for more information on these and other benefits offered to AWG International members!

International Corner

International Corner (January 2015)
Mongolia Chapter (Spring 2014)


The Calgary chapter was established in August 2016.

Elinda Dehari

Jean Hsieh

Vice President/Website Coordinator
Nadine Pearson

Amanda Wu


Naomi Miles-Berenger

c/o 2038 37 Ave SW
Calgary, AB T2T 2H5
Email: calgary.awg@gmail.com
Web Address: http://calgaryawg.wix.com/yycawg

Dalhousie University

The Dalhousie Student Chapter was established in July 2016. They are based out of the Dalhousie University Department of Earth Sciences.


Kara Vogler, President (kvogler@dal.ca
Aliya Anderson, Vice- President (aliya.anderson@dal.ca
Kayla Levandosky, Secretary (ky398540@dal.ca
Jordyn Souter, Treasurer (rosatoutah@dal.ca
Bailey Milos, Branding Coordinator – Twitter (bl607951@dal.ca
Tianqi Liu, Communications Representative (tn951536@dal.ca) 
Madison Matthews, Editor (md499783@dal.ca
Dr. Lexie Arnott, Faculty Advisor (arnott@dal.ca)

Dalhousie University Department of Earth Sciences
355 Oxford Street, Rm 3006
3rd Floor Life Sciences Centre (Biology/Earth Sciences Wing)
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3H 4R2


As the first European chapter of the AWG, the Irish Association for Women in Geosciences (IAWG) is excited to become part of the AWG family! We formed in September 2017 and are busy planning the first year of exciting events for our members including a great mentoring programme, career days, panel discussions and workshops, not to mention our official launch in early 2018! As a nationwide initiative we serve all members in Ireland and welcome anyone who supports the goal of the chapter to support, promote and encourage women in geosciences at all levels of their careers.

We have a great cohort of dedicated volunteers working hard to serve our members!
President - Dr. Aoife Blowick
Vice President – Dr. Chris Mark
Secretary – Fani Papageorgiou
Treasurer – Dr. Aoife Brady

Get in touch @irishAWG on twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, e-mail us at irishAWG@gmail.com or check-out our website at www.irishawg.wordpress.com!



“Women Geologists’ Club” was founded on May 1st, 2012 by the aspiration of women in the geological sector and it has been working continuously and constantly since its establishment. In 2014, we have expanded the club’s activities and established “Association for Mongolian Women Geoscientists” (AMWG) in order to protect the women’s right in a society. The Association is public, non-profit and non-governmental organization.

In 2014, we became an international chapter of “Association for Women Geoscientists” (AWG) international organization which is based in the USA.  Today, Association for Mongolian Women Geoscientists” has over 200 members affiliated with geology, geochemistry, geophysics, hydrogeology, geo-ecology, engineering geology, geodesy, drilling engineers, economist, and financier’s.

The Association has five management teams which include the strategy planning, foreign relation, human resources, public relations and media and training. The management teams are elected from the Board of Members.







● Encourage women in geology

● Protect common right of members

● Supporting

● Improve professional skills

● Exchange experiences

●To reflect members’ opinions and put forward amendments to the government policy and legislation related to geological and the mining sector

● Cooperate with governments for the policy implementations

● Advertise geoscience to the public



● Assemble women’s information who are working or worked in geological sector and encourage their interests and provide proper aid

● Increase the membership

● Set off the professional and multi-functional activities between the members

● Cooperate with other professional associations or organizations

● Affiliate with other international associations or organizations

● Advertise and introduce professional characteristics to the public


President of the AMWG: T.Munkhtegsh
Founder of “Women geologists’ club”, Mineralogist, Mapping Geologist, Master of Geological Science
Executive director: Ch.Enkhtuya
Exploration Geologist, Master of Geological Science, Professional Engineer for exploring of Industrial Minerals
Secretary: M.Arvinzon
Mapping Geologist, Master of Geological Science, Director of “Landmap” LLC

#703, Global Business Center, Chingeltei district, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
E-mail: amwg@gmail.com
Telephone: (976) 9908 5190, (976) 9984 7215


The Patagonia Chapter was established in April 2017.

Contact Person: Noelia Beatriz Carmona

Contact Information
Patagonia Chapter
Avenida Roca 1242 - General Roca
Rio Negro
CP 8332 - Argentina


South East Asia

The South East Asia chapter was established in August of 2016 and serves all of the South East Asia region. 

President - Low Wan Ching 
Vice President - Eliyana Shaibudin
Committee - Suhaanis Rahmad

AWG South East Asia Chapter
Level 46, Repsol Oil & Gas, Menara
Citibank, 165, Jalan Ampang, KL

Email: awgseasia@gmail.com