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Registration for the 2018 AWG Field Trip to Classic Geosites in England is full! Please contact Marcia Knadle if you would like to be put on a waiting list.

The Welsh Borderland (June 29-July 6, 2018) and Southwest England (July 7-14, 2018)

Leaders: Geologists Chris Darmon and Colin Schofield, Geosupplies, Ltd.

Our trip for next year will be two back-to-back one-week trips to two areas of England (and a bit of Wales) important to the history of geology.  The first week will be in the Welsh Borderland, a classic geologic area where the lower Paleozoic rock succession was defined and originally mapped by some of the giants of British geology -- people like Murchison and Lapworth.  The range of rock ages exposed is huge, from Neoproterozoic to Triassic.  Because this is such an historically important area, we're scheduling a free day to tour the well-preserved medieval towns of Ludlow and/or Shrewsbury.  The second week will be in Southwest England, mainly Somerset, Dorset and Devon.  The age range of the rocks is narrower, from Devonian to Jurassic, but the coastal exposures are fabulous.  We'll spend a lot of time on beaches, including the Jurassic Coast Geopark and Lyme Regis, where Mary Anning collected fossils.

This trip is structured so that participants may choose to come for just one of the two weeks, but preference will be given to people who come for both weeks.  At this point, prices are very tentative, and will likely remain so until late winter of next year, mainly because of the uncertainty of future exchange rates.  The US dollar has been very strong the past few years, and the British pound has been unusually weak post-Brexit.  It's likely this balance will change in the coming year, and probably in a way that will make the trip more expensive for us, so the trip price won't be finalized until February of next year.  If the current exchange rate (1 USD = 0.8 GBP) miraculously holds, a deposit of (tentatively) $800 will be due by mid-September 2017, with a balance of (even more tentatively) $2400 due in mid-March 2018, for a total of $3200 for double occupancy.  There will be a limited number of single rooms available, tentatively for an additional $650.  (This is for both weeks, so halve all these numbers if you choose to participate for only one week).  The price will include lodging, meals, transportation during the trips via mini-bus, and transportation between the two trips for those attending both weeks.  The price will NOT include transportation to/from England, or transportation within England to/from the towns we'll be staying in (Ludlow and Taunton), both readily reached by train.

The trip minimum is 13 and the maximum is 15.  There will be a discount for up to 2 student members of AWG.  If you're interested in attending or have questions, please contact Marcia Knadle at marciaAWG@aol.com.

England Field Trip Flyer

England Field Trip Information

Week 1 (Ludlow Trip) Brochure

Week 2 (Taunton Trip) Brochure

Registration Forms for the trip:

GeoSupplies Terms and Conditions Form

England Registration Form

England Joint Liability Release Form

Booking Form - WelshBorderland Week 1

Booking Form - Taunton Week 2

England Medical Information Form

2017 Field Trip - Central California Tectonics

September 23-29, 2017

Leaders: Tanya Atwater, with Art Sylvester for a few days. Both are UC Santa Barbara emeriti.

The field trip is now full, but if you would like to be placed on a waiting list please contact Marcia Knadle.

Field Trip Flyer

California Field Trip Information

AWG Member Field Trip Registration Form 

Non AWG Member Field Trip Registration Form

Photo and Liability Release Form

Medical Information Form

Past Trips


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    • Baja California - April 1996


For more information about upcoming field trips or to volunteer to serve on the field trip committee, please contact us at AWG office.