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Membership Rates

Individual Memberships

Level Cost per Year
Sustaining Professional*$100
Early Professional**$30
Reduced Income***$20

*Dues at the Sustaining Professional level help AWG support membership services
for Student, Reduced Income, and Early Career Members.
**Applies to members up to 3 years after they have graduated.
***Reduced Income applies to retired and unemployed persons.

International Memberships

LevelCost per Year
High-Income Countries Professional*$50
High-Income Countries Student$20
Non-High Income Countries Professional$10
Non-High Income Countries Student$5

*Please click here for a list of high-income countries from the World Bank.

Lifetime Membership

Number of PaymentsAmount
One-time payment$1500
Five payments made yearly$300

Institutional and Corporate Memberships

LevelCost per Year

*Please click here to apply for an Institutional Membership.
*Please click here to apply for a Corporate Membership.

A list of membership benefits is available on our "Membership" page.