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AWG stands with our fellow Black and BIPOC geoscientists.



AWG is committed to taking tangible steps to directly address the challenges of intersectionality within academia faced by women, gender non-binary people, and people of color. We are developing initiatives to actively combat systemic inequalities that contribute to the current racial disparity within the geosciences. As part of those initiatives, AWG has collected resources designed to encourage acknowledgment of our inherent biases and understanding what our fellow BIPOC geoscientists experience, and what we all can actively do to combat the systemic inequalities in the geosciences, science, and our society. Please stay tuned for additional initiatives we are planning to implement as an organization that will go beyond our previous efforts.

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Family members request memorial donations be made to the annual fund for the Jeanne E. Harris Chrysalis Scholarship at the Association for Women Geoscientists Foundation,  c/o AWG Foundation, 652 Glimmerglen Road, Cooperstown, NY 13326. Donations are also accepted online. The website does not have an option to specify that the donation is in Charlotte's name, but the tribute can be reported via an email to awgftreasurer@awg.org. The contribution will be much appreciated with or without attribution Charlotte. 


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There are thousands of women in the geosciences today, both students and professionals, who are looking for ways to enhance their experiences as a geoscientist! AWG provides financial support, professional development and leadership opportunities, and advocates on behalf of women geoscientists across the globe. Join or renew your 2020 membership today and help AWG SUPPORT you.

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Don't forget to nominate someone you know for the AWG Professional Excellence Awards!

Nominations are due June 15th each year!

In The AWG Professional Excellence Awards go to women who, throughout their careers, have made distinguished contributions in the following three areas: government/regulatory; private industry/consulting; and academia/research. Each year we award three winners - one in each category. Thanks to a generous donation by Other Orb, each winner will receive a $500 monetary award and will be recognized at our annual AWG Awards Ceremony breakfast at the Geological Society of America Annual Meeting.

A big thanks to Other Orb for their support of this award! Get your nominations in today!

Chrysalis scholarship renamed to honor Jeanne E. Harris, one of AWG’s founders.

Somewhere along your path, we’re sure you have been helped by or admired a remarkable woman who served as a mentor, took time to encourage colleagues, or was a role model helping you and others to focus on goals. AWG has renamed its long-standing Chrysalis Scholarship the Jeanne E. Harris Chrysalis Scholarship to honor just such a woman.

Jeanne E. Harris was an outstanding leader in the geologic community, helped found the Association for Women Geoscientists and the AWG Foundation (AWGF), and served as an early president of AWGF. In addition to being a successful geologist in her own right, Jeanne was an extraordinary mentor and role model, as well as a tireless advocate for the educational mission of the AWG Foundation.

Jeanne was the visionary behind the creation of the Chrysalis Scholarship, which provides degree-completion funding for women geoscience graduate students whose educations have been significantly interrupted by recent life circumstances. Chrysalis Scholarship funds cover costs associated with the final completion phase of a student’s thesis/dissertation, beyond what is traditionally covered by primary research funding. With Jeanne’s guidance, the Chrysalis Scholarship made it possible to provide tangible help to women on the threshold of their future careers.

Sadly, Jeanne recently lost her battle with cancer. In recognition of Jeanne’s passion for supporting women in the geosciences, inspired by her tireless work at raising significant funds to help many women complete their education, and to honor her life and career, AWG recently added her name to our longest-standing scholarship.

Since its founding in 1989, the Jeanne E. Harris Chrysalis Scholarship has helped more than 80 women pursue their geoscience educations and careers. We ask for your help to do even more!

We encourage you to make a generous gift to one or all of these AWG Foundation funds:

  • A one-time gift to the Jeanne E. Harris Chrysalis Scholarship Annual Fund to help female geoscientists complete their graduate education.
  • A significant donation to the Jeanne E. Harris Chrysalis Scholarship Endowment, a fund that will sustain the annual scholarships in perpetuity. This gift can be made as a one-time gift or over two years based on a personal pledge.
  • A donation to AWGF’s General Fund to support the Foundation’s mission to attain equality of opportunity for women in the geosciences and train new leaders by funding high impact programs for women in the geosciences, including scholarships, professional development programs, travel grants, awards, and outreach programs.

To honor Jeanne and her tireless efforts to assist and promote women in the geosciences, and to ensure the Chrysalis Scholarship is available into the future, we invite you to contribute to further this mission. Donations can be made online using the Donate button on any AWG web page, or by check made out to “AWG Foundation” and mailed to AWG Foundation, 652 Glimmerglen Road, Cooperstown, NY 13326. If you choose to send a check (which saves us the 5% processing fee), please be clear in how you want your gift to be used.

Thank you for your support!
-Friends of the AWG Foundation and Jeanne Harris

Registration is open for the AWG Northern California San Andreas Fault Geology Field Trip!

Previous Dates: September 10-17, 2020

New Dates TBD

In cooperation with Williams GeoAdventures, AWG will hold a second field trip in 2020 as a follow up to our 2017 Central California Tectonics Field Trip. We will meet at Union Square in San Francisco on September 10 at 1:00 PM and end with a drop off at the San Francisco International Airport around 2:00 PM on September 17. We will stay four nights at the Marin Headlands Hostel Annex and three nights at the Mendocino College Coastal Field Station in Point Arena, and will generally be two to a room. There will be numerous field stops and short hikes in the San Francisco Bay Area, Point Reyes, and the Sonoma and Mendocino Coast. Transportation is by coach and driver.

The total price is $1900, which does not include transportation to and from San Francisco or most food. Aside from an included group welcome dinner, we will collect funds for groceries at the start of the trip and prepare breakfasts, pack a sack lunch, and prepare dinners at our hostel-style lodgings each day. There will be significant discounts available for two food coordinators, with preference given to student participants. You will need to register with AWG first and then, starting on January 6, with Williams GeoAdventures. Go to the Field Trips page [www.awg.org/fieldtrips] for the trip information flyer and the AWG registration forms. We've set up an online payment option in the AWG online store, as well. Please register soon so we'll know whether we have enough people to make the trip run. If you have questions, please contact Marcia Knadle at marciaawg@aol.com.


AWG Establishes Mavis-Kent Mid-Career Excellence Award

The Association for Women Geoscientists has created the Mid-Year Excellence Award to honor Dr. Mavis D. Kent and her outstanding contributions to science and community.

Dr. Mavis D. Kent has attained remarkable accomplishments as a professional geologist and community leader. Aside from serving as one of the founding members of the AWG, Mavis was the first woman to serve as President of the Association of Engineering Geologists, to be on the State of Oregon Board of Registered Geologists, to receive the AEG Richard H. Jahns Distinguished Lecturer Award, to receive a PhD in Geology in the Engineering Geology program from Texas A&M University, and to Chair an AEG National Meeting.

In addition to these accomplishments, Mavis has served on boards and committees including the Interstate Technology & Regulatory Council Board of Directors, the Parks Advisory Board for the City of Battle Ground, WashingtonBattle Ground Youth Soccer Board of Directors, and as a Boy Scout Scoutmaster. She has received numerous awards and recognition for her leadership and community contributions. After retiring from the State of Oregon, Mavis has continued her career and formed a woman-owned environmental consulting business, Plateau Geosciences Group, where she currently serves as President. Aside from geosciences, her hobbies include creating prize-winning hand-sewn quilts and painting landscapes and portraiture in oils.


AWG is pleased to announce its 2019 award winners!


Encourage Award: Carole Johnson
Exchange Award: Laurie Whitsell
Enhance Award: Mary Hill

AWG President's Award: Rula Deeb
Special Recognition Award: Noelia Carmona
Distinguished Service Award: Donna Jurdy
Chapter Excellence Award: Osage Chapter
Friend of AWG: Richard Behl

Outstanding Educator Award: Dr. Estella Atekwana
Professional Excellence Award in Industry: Tumur Sainzaya
Professional Excellence Award in Government/Regulatory: Lynn Wingard
Professional Excellence Award in Academia/Research: Jennifer Roberts

Brunton Award: Ellen Reat, Alejandra Angulo
Crawford Award: Judith Availa, Sarah Lapinski
Chrysalis Award: Bradi Gaer, Anna-Lena Deppenmeier, Alice Stagner
Winifred Goldring Award: Mikaela Pulsipher, Armita Manafzaden
Undergraduate Excellence in Paleontology: Maggie Stephenson, Bryce Mcelvogue
Minority Award: Deanna Flors, Delian Color, Kierra Wilk, Bryttani Wooten
Virginia Sand Award: Abigail Axeness, Patiencce Bosompenzaa
Suzanne Takken: Kendall Valentine Cole, Tshering Lama Sherpa


AWG, GSA, and ESWN Blog Series!


AWG has partnered with the GSA Geology and Society Division, the GSA Geology and Public Policy Committee, and the Earth Science Women's Network for the Pardee Session "Women Rising: Removing Barriers and Achieving Parity for Women in the Geosciences." As part of this session, a series of blogs will be posted on the GSA website. See below for links:

Blog 1: "A Special Place in Hell": https://speakingofgeoscience.org/2018/08/29/a-special-place-in-hell/

Blog 2: "Don't Just Stand There - Do Something!": https://speakingofgeoscience.org/2018/09/11/dont-just-stand-there-do-something/

Blog 3: "Dealing with the Imposter Syndrome": https://speakingofgeoscience.org/2018/09/24/dealing-with-the-imposter-syndrome/

Blog 4: "Moving Forward: Overcoming our Ideas about Disability in the Geosciences": https://speakingofgeoscience.org/2018/10/08/moving-forward-overcoming-our-ideas-about-disability-in-the-geosciences/

Blog 5: "Social Identities and Success": https://speakingofgeoscience.org/2018/10/23/social-identities-and-success/

Blog 6: "Sending Out the Bat Signal": https://speakingofgeoscience.org/2018/10/29/sending-out-the-bat-signal/