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AWG Field Trips

Current Trip

Registration closes July 7th for AWG’s 2019 field trip to the Western Great Lakes Aug 16-25!

Native copper! Iron ranges! Fossil reefs! There are still two spaces left on our 10-day field trip to the western Great Lakes region, and the discounted student price is still available. This is actually two trips back-to-back, starting and ending in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The first four days will be led by Tom Fitz of Northland College and will take us to Michigan’s scenic Upper Peninsula to see Proterozoic Midcontinent Rift rocks, some of the most interesting rocks in North America and a classic iron and copper mining region. The remainder of the trip will bring us back south to the area around Door County (the peninsula extending northeast into Lake Michigan from Green Bay) and the Milwaukee area. This second trip will focus mostly on lower Paleozoic sedimentary rocks, and will be led by paleontologist Don Mikulic. This portion of the trip honors the work of paleontologist Joanne Kluessendorf, who passed away last year and was Don’s wife. Joanne was very active in AWG, serving as Editor in the late 1990s and early 2000s and establishing AWG’s Winifred Goldring Award with the Paleontological Society. She was also founding Director of the Weis Earth Science Museum, which we will tour. The AWG member price is $1900 for double occupancy ($1500 for student members) or $2700 for single occupancy, which will cover van transportation, lodging, lunches, most breakfasts and two dinners. For more information and to register, please go to the field trip page on the AWG website (www.awg.org/fieldtrips) and download the registration form (if you're a student) or register online at AWG's store. If you mail the registration form, please email a copy to fieldtrips@awg.org. At this late date, you must pay the full trip price.

Information and Forms:

2019 Western Great Lakes FT Information-pdf
AWG 2019 W Great Lakes FT Registration Form
W Great Lakes FT Gaea ad-final
W Great Lakes FT medical info form
W Great Lakes FTJointLiabilityRelease&PhotoReleaseForm

Upcoming Trip

Registration is FULL!

Our New Zealand Rocks! field trip with Williams GeoAdventures will be held February 26 through March 12, 2020. Our finalized itinerary includes six full days on the North Island, featuring tours of volcanic areas, and eight full days on the South Island, with tours of the New Zealand Alps and Milford Sound. We will have a geologic guide and bus and driver on each island, and the price includes air travel both ways between the North and South Islands, as well as two boat tours.
Our lodgings are split between 3-star hotels and Top 10 Holiday Parks (nice hostel/budget motel-like lodgings). The price is $5280 (generally double or triple occupancy) plus $225 to cover groceries for 9 days of breakfasts and lunches. A limited number of single rooms are available for an additional $1600. Balance payments will be due December 1st. The itinerary and trip information write-ups can be found on the field trip page. To be put on the email list for more timely updates, please email AWG Field Trip Committee Co-chair Marcia Knadle at marciaAWG@aol.com. For more information about Williams GeoAdventures, visit their website at http://www.geology-adventures.com/.

Information and Forms:

Williams GeoAdventures AWG New Zealand 2020 Final Itinerary and Accommodations
Williams GeoAdventures AWG New Zealand 2020 Flier
Williams GeoAdventures AWG New Zealand 2020 Trip Information
New Zealand Joint Liability & Photo Release Form
New Zealand Medical Info Form

Past Trips

YearLocationGAEA Article
2017Central California TectonicsPDF
2016Maine/Canadian Maritime Provinces 
2015Puerto Rico 
2014The Canadian Rockies 
2012Grand Canyon 
2011California/Oregon Cascade Range 
2009Antelope Island 
2007Southern Nevada 
2005Grand Canyon via the Colorado River 

For more information about upcoming field trips or to volunteer to serve on the field trip committee, please contact us at AWG office.