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AWG Distinguished Lecturer Program

The Association for Women Geoscientists Distinguished Lecturer Program provides well-known female speakers to give talks or lectures in most disciplines of the geosciences on their areas of interest. Departments and organizations can receive up to $800 per year toward speaker expenses. While most speakers do not require fees, it is expected that the host will provide for travel, food, and lodging costs.

Speakers List and Instructions - Updates coming soon!


All academic institutions, including University and College departments or Science clubs/organizations, as well as State Geological Surveys, etc. are invited to apply for funding to host a speaker from the AWG Speakers List.

  • Organizations may ask for up to $800 to fund the speaker's visit and should provide details of the expected costs. Only one award will be given to any organization in one year. There is no problem if two different organizations ask for the same speaker.
  • Funding covers the expenses of hosting an AWG speaker at the institution. Funds are not to benefit the individual; thus, an honorarium is not included in expenses. Regular and normal travel expenses (airfare, other transportation, meals, and lodging) are applicable costs that can be funded. It is also helpful if the sponsoring institution can provide funding for some costs so that the requested amount is in line with the maximum allowable grant amount.
  • Funding decisions are the prerogative the Distinguished Lecturer Program Coordinator.
  • Funding is provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please follow the following procedure to apply for a grant:

  • Contact a speaker from the list.
  • Settle on a tentative date for the talk, and determine the transportation, lodging, and incidental costs of the visit.
  • Submit a Request For Speaker Form to the Distinguished Lecturer Program Chair, Anne Hofmeister, at dls@awg.org.
  • Plan for sufficient processing time for the request (several weeks) so that the talk will not be scheduled in advance of AWG being able to approve reimbursement to your department.

Requesters are asked to make an introduction about the AWG organization prior to or following the speaker's presentation. Click here for a PDF about AWG if needed.

After the talk, you must submit a Speaker Report Form to the Distinguished Lecturer Program Chair. Please include all copies of receipts with this report.

If you have any questions or would like to nominate a speaker, please email dls@awg.org.