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Advertising with AWG

Advertising with the Association for Women Geoscientists (AWG) provides a cost-effective opportunity for advertisers to target a large audience of women geoscientists. AWG publications reach a diverse audience of 1,000 earth science professionals, educators, and scholars - both women and men - who are members of the organization, plus corporations and institutions worldwide.

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GAEA is the official quarterly publication of the Association for Women Geoscientists; current circulation is about 1000 with extra copies distributed at the GSA, AGU, AAPG and AIPG annual meetings. Publication of Gaea supports the goals of the Association through the exchange of professional, technical and educational information, including:

  • technical articles
  • Association and individual Members news and activities
  • book, museum and field trip reviews
  • issues of particular interest to women geoscientists
  • mentoring, networking and career guidance
Display and column-line advertising in Gaea are available to individuals, businesses, educational institutions, and organizations.

AWG web page (JobWeb): widely known and referenced

AWG E-News: bulletins are sent once a month to AWG's membership


  • A cost-effective method of reaching a targeted audience of women geoscientists

  • Access to wider distribution throughout a diverse community via members' personal and informal networks

  • Corporate and institutional members receive 20% off all advertising

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