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AWG Webinars

As a benefit to our members, AWG will provide free webinars that focus on a variety of topics encompassing professional development, technical skills, and soft skills. These webinars will be hosted once a quarter or more, depending on speakers availability. Webinar sessions will be recorded, so that any members who were unable to attend the webinar but would like to review it afterwards can request to do so!

Upcoming Webinars

Improving Workplace Climate: Empowering Individuals to Become Active Bystanders

Friday June 25th from 11-2 pm EST.

Provided by: ADVANCEGeo

This interactive session describes different types of exclusionary behaviors that affect recruitment and retention into STEM, the academic practices and institutional structures that allow for exclusionary behaviors to persist, and provides training in personal intervention strategies to protect and support targets of exclusionary behaviors. As a result of this session, participants will be able to identify: (1) different ways in which harassment, bullying, and other types of exclusionary behaviors can manifest in STEM; (2) strategies for bystander intervention, and (3) resources for cultural change in academic institutions and professional societies.
All participants will be provided with handouts that describe the bystander intervention strategies and point to resources related to the issues discussed. Participants will be asked to complete a short survey at the end of the workshop to provide feedback to the facilitators.

Please note that you must be a member of AWG to participate. Follow this link to register.


If you have a suggestion for a webinar topic or speaker, please send them to the AWG Web Manager.