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Regional Delegates to the Board of Directors

Northcentral: (

Delegate: Donna Jurdy
Alternate: Lisa Tranel

Northeast: (

Delegates: Maggie Brewer-Laporta, Kateryna Klochko
Alternates: Mary Bruno, Sara Pruss

Pacific: (

Delegates: Dennise Templeton, Katherine Kovac
Alternates: Rebecca Greenburg, Stefano Mazzoni

Rocky Mountain: (

Delegates: Karen Lechtenberg
Alternates: Susan Melzer

Southcentral: (

Delegates: Blair Benson, Bevin Bailey
Alternates: Hayet Serradji, Marcia Schulmeister

Southeast: (

Delegate: Denise Hills
Alternate: Vacant - Click here if interested

Student Representative: (

Representative: Kirsten Gray Faulkner
Alternate: Cary Lindsey

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Updated 03/25/14
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