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AWG Outstanding Educator Award

Is There a Women Geoscientist Professor Who Made a Difference in Your Life?

Please take the time to honor her by nominating her for the:

The AWG established the Outstanding Educator Award in 1988 to honor well-established college or university teachers who have played a significant role in the education and support of women geoscientists both within and outside the classroom. Examples of support include encouraging women to enter and continue in a geoscience career, providing opportunities for field and laboratory experience, and serving as a positive role model. In addition, awardees are selected on the basis of their contributions as professionals, involvement with professional societies or groups, and/or participation in science education programs in their community. The deadline for nominations is April 1. Nominations must include a current vitae and at least six letters of recommendation from professional colleagues, former students, and current students.

Send nominations and supporting material to the Chair of the AWG Outstanding Educator Award selection committee. Nomination by e-mail is preferred, with all documents saved in one pdf file and emailed as attachment to :

Dr. Kelsey Bitting

OEA Recipients
2014 Dr. Tekla Harms Amherst College
2013 Dr. Dianne Smith Trinity University
2012 Dr. Jean Bahr University of Wisconsin-Madison
2011 Dr. Marcia Bjornerud Lawrence University
2010 Dr. Susan Lozier Duke University
2009 Dr. Anita Grunder Oregon State University
2008 Professor Janet Herman University of Virginia
2007 Professor Sue Rimmer

University of Kentucky

2006 Professor Dorothy Merritts Franklin and Marshall College
2005 Professor Molly Miller

Vanderbilt University

2004 Professor Pat Manley

Middlebury College, Vermont

2003 Professor Patricia Kelley

University of North Carolina at Wilmington

2002 Professor Gail Ashley

Rutgers University

2001 Professor Judith Schiebout

Louisiana State University

2000 Professor Suzanne O.Connell

Wesleyan University and Trinity College

1999 Professor Pamela Hallock Muller

University of South Florida

1998 Professor Julia Ann (Jan) Tullis

Brown University

1997 Professor Lisa M. Pratt

Indiana University

1996 Professor Linda M. Abriola

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (Civil and Environmental Engineering Dept.)


Professor Mary E. Savina

Carleton College


Professor B. Charlotte Schreiber

Queen's College, New York


Professor Margaret L. Delaney

University of California at Santa Cruz


Professor Marie Morisawa (deceased)



Professor Laurie Brown

University of Massachusetts, Amherst


Professor Sharon Mosher

University of Texas at Austin


<no award given>


Professor Maria Luisa Crawford

Bryn Mawr College

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