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Chrysalis Scholarship Fund

The Chrysalis Scholarship provides degree-completion funding for women geoscience graduate students whose education has been significantly interrupted by life circumstances. The awards are intended to cover costs associated with completion of her thesis/dissertation, beyond what is traditionally covered by primary research funding. Such costs can include drafting expenses, child-care, defense travel, late-stage research and analyses, or anything necessary to assist a degree candidate during those critical, final days.

Scholarship Sponsor: Chrysalis Scholarship Committee

General Information

Award Amount: Amount varies up to $2,000

Application Deadline: March 31

The applicant must be a student who has contributed and will continue to contribute to both the geosciences and the larger world community through her academic and personal strengths.

Required Application Materials

  1. A letter of application, in which the applicant describes her background, career goals and objectives, how the scholarship will be used, and the nature and length of the interruption to her education.
  2. Letters of reference from the applicant's thesis advisor and another scientist of her choice. Both letters should specifically address the criteria in #1 above.

All application materials should be clearly labeled with the applicant's name, address, and phone number and should be sent to Please note: emailed application materials should have "Chrysalis Scholarship" in the subject line.

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